Since 2018 I've an ongoing collaboration with ActionAid Italy. With them I worked on creation of various video digital contents from concept through to delivery, handling filming and editing. I did a series of short video reportages following their on-field missions in Nepal in 2018,  a series of short video reportages in Kenya in 2022 and several projects around Italy. I also edited several short contents with archive material for their social media channel and website, with also a few projects created in motion graphics.  All music and soundtrack for project I handled are made by  Edoardo Pacchiotti

We are the Food Wave Community

Back to School / after the Pandemic

Chantal Story / Motion Graphic Creation

Tutti a scuola! / Short Story with Francesco Mandelli

"Oltre il Mare" / Podcast Backstage with Pietro Bartolo

Dream Book /  Short Story 

Insieme si Può / Editing Project (during Pandemic)

"Uguali" / Podcast Backstage with Roberto Saviano

Missione Nepal 2018 / Series of Short-Reportages on-field

La fame non raccontata / Reportage on poverty in Italy

Che cos'è l'attivismo? / Video Workshop with young activists

Insieme per l'istruzione / ActionAid e Gruppo Mondadori

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