Overview on ActionAid's projects in Dhaka, 
Bangladesh. March 2023.

Cinematography & Editing Alberto Martin
Music & Post Audio Edoardo Pacchiotti
Assignment for and published on ActionAid Italy 

(Subtitles available English / Italian from CC button)
Dhaka, Bangladesh. March 2023. ActionAid runs the Happy Home initiative in Dhaka to support at-risk street children living in poverty and exclusion. Happy Home was established in 2006 and can accommodate 100 girls aged 7 - 18 and at the moment is home to 56 girls. Some girls who are 18+ and pursuing higher education, in dire need of support are still with Happy Home. From the first year of activity to date, Happy Home supported almost 19.000 girls.
March 2023. Dhaka, Bangladesh. Dhaka, the capital of Bangladesh, one of poorest and most overpopulated countries on the planet. 50 million of whom live below the threshold poverty, with less than 1 Euro a day. 1.6 million children are living in the streets. ActionAid has been working in Bangladesh since 1982 with 82 Child Centres dedicated to children between the ages of 3 and 16.
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