Iran: a road trip through the ancient land of Persia. From Teheran, a 15 million people vibrant metropolitan area, to get lost in Shiraz’s bazars and café’s, crossing then the legendary ancient city of Persepolis, Yazd, Meybond, Isfahan, Kashan. A 1300 kilometres-long road trip through endless spaces and magnificent landscapes. Bazars, tea houses in the middle of nowhere, the complexity of the magnificent artworks insides the Mosques in contrasts with the small streets of historical Yazd, in which the perfume of fresh baked bread keeps you going in an incredible journey. Kids playing in the streets, crowd of families having a picnic in every public garden: “Where are you from?” they’ll ask while offering you a cup of tea. "Welcome to Iran".

Camera & Editing / Alberto Martin
Original Soundtrack / Edoardo Pacchiotti
Voice Over Artist / Simone Patrick Poletti
Reading "All The Hemispheres" by Hafiz
Local Support / Mehdi Ali Bakhshi
Production Assistant / Christian D’Amico
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