Everyone is a migrant.
I have a  question for you.
Are you a migrant?
If your answer is no, then I have a few more questions for you. If you answered yes, then skip the questions.
Have you worked abroad? 
Have you studied abroad? 
Have you moved within your own country?
Have you travelled abroad?
I have asked these questions to hundreds of people and at max. 30% will answer yes to the first question. While nearly 100% will raise their hands to at least one of the other.
So, the question is, who really is a migrant?
Let’s review the definition. According to the Oxford Dictionary: A migrant is a person who moves from one place to another, for work or better living conditions.
Work or better living conditions can really be anything to improve life: better education, new chances, safety, adventure, sun, or love. The definition says nothing about duration or borders. Within or outside your own country. Permanently or for a short period of time. 
Migration is the essence of human culture. Migration and migrants are not about ‘them’. It’s about all of us. We are all migrants, or descendants of migrants. 
Pocket Stories invites you to re-discover the people and places around you, but also yourself through storytelling. How are you connected to migration and what are your roots?
Ingi Mehus
Founder & Director
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