Series of stories collected in Senegal  on November 2022 with ActionAid Italia for Food Wave Project .

"The impacts of climate change on Senegal are evident and disastrous: the increasing salinisation of the soil and rising sea levels, droughts and floods threaten the environment and biodiversity, but above all affect the lives of communities and people who are increasingly forced to abandon villages and land because of climate-related instabilities. What role can young people play in the fight against climate change? What are the solutions to respond to this global challenge?"

Cinematography & Editing Alberto Martin
Music & Audio Edoardo Pacchiotti

Climate Justice & Activism / Trailer

Climate Change & Islands / El Hadji Bop

The Global Platform Senegal

Climate Justice in Senegal / Moussa

Activism in Saloum Delta / Aida Thior

Senegal 2022
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