As in an ideal blink of an eye that lasts the time of a deep breath, the view from Viana do Castelo’s Sanctuary of Saint Lucy lead to the fortress of Sagres built by Enrico the navigator about 700 km down south. In between Portugal feeds eyes and soul with history and colours while the ocean as a faithful travel companion seems to stand there as an ideal stage for breathtaking sunsets. On the way there are the labyrinth of perspectives of Porto, the scent of ancient history of Guimarães, clouds caressing Coimbra while even The Sanctuary of Bom Jesus do Monte in Braga seems to be sitting there waiting for one more sunset. Waiting. Just like Nazaré’s women in their seven skirts, like the seven days of the week, like the seven virtues, like the seven waves of the sea. Some say women wore the seven skirts to count the seven waves. And as extra layers to wrap themselves with while waiting on the beach for their husbands. The same waves nowadays people come from all over the world to try to surf. Then Lisboa’s everything, with the Fado’s melancholy doing the same job as the ocean while connecting all that with a line on a storytelling level. A line that embraces Grândola and the revolution, the pictorial scenarios of the Alentejo, the beaches of Lagos and the lighthouse of Sagres looking south. Everyone's there waiting for a sunset then will be missed the second after the sun will disappear behind the line of the ocean.

a film by Alberto Martin
Cinematography & Editing / Alberto Martin
Original Soundtrack / Edoardo Pacchiotti
Voice Over Artist / Simone Patrick Poletti
reading “The Art of Effective Dreaming (I)”  
from “ The book of disquiet” by Fernando Pessoa
Sound Design / Edoardo Pacchiotti
Production Assistant / Christian D'Amico
Thanks to Gabriela Silva, Adega Dos Fadistas Lisboa, Levi Batista
Alberto Martin ©2022 All Rights Reserved
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